Windsor Heights

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Windsor Heights is a small community within the Des Moines Metropolitan area located in Polk County at ‘The heart of it all.’ With a population of a little over 5000 people, this suburb has beautiful neighborhoods of mid-century brick homes, plenty of shopping and dining, and recreational opportunities like a dog park, city parks, and trails. A focus on sustainability and walkability is informing policy making and development in Windsor Heights, ensuring its position as a wonderful place to live for decades into the future.


The Walnut Creek Trail is accessed from Windsor Heights, a 9.3-mile pedestrian and bike trail. The city also is home to a BCycle electric-assist bike rental station with 10 cycles available in Colby Park near the butterfly gardens giving residents a fun and convenient way to get around. Windsor Heights is served by the Des Moines Area Regional Transit system with three bus routes that connect the town to the greater metro. The average one-way commute for Windsor Heights residents is 16.8 minutes, shorter than the 26.4 national average.

Activity & Entertainment

Windsor Heights has easy access to all the amenities of the Des Moines metro and the surrounding region. Residents of Windsor Heights come together to enjoy activities such as Fall Fest, Movies in the Park, and Windsor Wonderland, fostering the sense of small-town community. Windsor Heights is served by the Des Moines Independent School District and the West Des Moines Community School District.


The area now Windsor Heights was once the site of several coal mines in the early 1900s, attracting coal miners and their families. Windsor Heights was incorporated in 1941 and named for an early settler, Henry Clay Windsor, whose family donated land for Windsor Elementary School. The town was founded by a group of business owners who wanted to create a safe, close-knit community for families with unique homes and businesses. One of those families was the Colby family, who had farms where the town now stands, and was instrumental in having University Avenue paved; they are remembered in Colby Park where the new community center has been built.

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