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Tiffin is a suburb of Cedar Rapids in the rolling hills of Johnson County east of the Amana Colonies, between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. With a population of just over 4,500 people that has more than doubled in the past decade, Tiffin is noted for its outdoor activities, natural beauty, and its great quality of life.


Tiffin residents can enjoy the Timber Ridge Nature Trail, a preserve located near town, and Clear Creek Trail, a paved multi-use trail in a riparian forest, which runs along the outskirts of town. The town is small enough that most areas are accessible to pedestrians, however many errands do require a car. Johnson County SEATS offers paratransit options, but there is no other public transportation available in Tiffin. The average one-way commute for Tiffin residents is 18.7 minutes, shorter than the 26.4 national average.

Activity & Entertainment

Tiffin is a quickly growing community attracting new residents for its small town feel and quality of life. Residents enjoy multiple parks including a dog park, playgrounds, trails, a lake, and more. There is a thriving restaurant scene in Iowa with a mix of International and American flavors. The Tiffin community is served by the Clear Creek Amana Community School District.


Tiffin was named for the Ohio home of Rolla Johnson, who owned the land the town was built on. Coincidentally, the same US Highway 6 runs through both Tiffin, Ohio, and Tiffin, Iowa. The town was platted in 1867, but not incorporated until 1906. The first few decades of the town's history were marked by a series of fires that destroyed the First Christian Church, Tiffin Brick & Tile, Tiffin School; and a train wreck that demolished the depot. The town rebuilt after each disaster, coming back stronger and more united each time, and creating a community where generations have thrived.

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