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The Name Says it All! Located 25 miles southeast of Des Moines in Marion County, Pleasantville offers a vibrant downtown, top-rated schools, an active small-town community, and beautiful surroundings. Pleasantville has a population of about 1,700 people and counting - with many housing options, Pleasantville has become home for residents who work in the surrounding communities of Pella, Knoxville, and the Des Moines Metro, however, there are several local employers including a grain elevator, truss factory, and industrial manufacturing businesses. The city has invested in bringing new development and business to Pleasantville, and the town is growing!


Residents who live near downtown can do some errands on foot, but most trips require a car. The average one-way commute for Pleasantville residents is 21.4 minutes, as compared to the national average of 24.6.

Activity & Entertainment

Pleasantville’s central location makes it a great town for people who enjoy the close-knit small-town life while still enjoying all the perks of living close to the Metro. Pleasantville is bustling with a thriving downtown square, new housing developments, and a top-notch school system. For those who enjoy the active lifestyle, Lake Red Rock is nearby with watersports, walking trails, and gorgeous scenery. Pleasantville is served by the Pleasantville Community School District.


Pleasantville was established in 1849, although a school had been built two years before, and finally incorporated in 1872. The railroad came to town in 1879 and brought growth and development that made the town one of the centers of business in Marion County and the principal shipping point between Knoxville and Des Moines.

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