De Soto

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De Soto is a small town in Dallas County, just 15 miles from West Des Moines. With almost 1,000 residents, De Soto has a family-friendly atmosphere and a strong economy that provides many opportunities for its residents, while being an easy commute to work and entertainment in the Metro.


De Soto is a small community and residents can walk to do many errands in town, though a car is needed for many goods and services only available outside the community. There is no public transportation available in De Soto. The average one-way commute for De Soto residents is 24.2 minutes, just under the national average of 26.4.

Activity & Entertainment

De Soto residents enjoy a peaceful atmosphere with low crime, and an affordable cost of living. Each year in September, the town comes together for De Soto Fun Days, complete with live music, food trucks, fun for the whole family, and even a parade! De Soto is served by the Adel-De Soto-Minburn Community School District.


De Soto was founded by European settlers in 1868 after the railroad had been built through the territory and named for one of the railroad officials who set up the train station.

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