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Located along the Racoon River about 13 miles west of the Des Moines Metro in Dallas County, Adel invites visitors to ‘Come Thrive with Us’, and offers the best of small-town living with all the conveniences of the nearby metro. Come to Adel for the beautiful scenery, the vibrant restaurant scene, the golf, and the Adel Sweet Corn Festival—and stay for the welcoming residents, low crime rates, and great schools!


Adel residents enjoy access to the Raccoon River Valley Trail which runs for 89 miles and runs through 14 communities in 3 counties and is a great trail for both walkers and bikers. Adel is rated ‘somewhat walkable,’ particularly in the downtown area, although most residents use a car to run errands and go to work. The average one-way commute for Adel residents is 23.5 minutes, a bit less than the national average of 26.4 minutes.

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In Adel, community matters, crime is almost non-existent, and the schools are outstanding. This pace of life is a bit slower but gives you time to enjoy the little things like the Adel Sweet Corn Festival or a round of golf at Hillcrest Golf & Country Club. Maybe you prefer to ride a bike or stroll one of the many paths around the town. Many residents have chosen Adel as an ideal place to get away from the pace of urban living into a more relaxed environment where neighbors still know each other. Adel is served by the Adel DeSoto Minburn (ADM) Community School District.


Adel is the oldest town in Dallas County and was originally called Penoach or Pen Oak. The town was incorporated in 1847 and changed names two years later. A mill was built along the North Raccoon River that could grind up to 30 bushels an hour! Sadly, the mill was destroyed by fire in 1913. The railroad reached Adel in the 1870s but was abandoned by 1987, and the railbed has now been converted into the Raccoon River Valley Trail.

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